Pi Beta Phi
At the University of South Carolina
Featured Sisterhood Story of the Month

"During rush they'll talk a lot about a feeling, that you'll walk in a house and just know. For me that feeling of "these are my people" didn't hit the second I walked in the door, it built over time. It hits those late night studying in the library when your sister goes out of her way to bring you your favorite Starbucks order. Or when the girl you awkwardly asked to take a picture with on bid day starts to make up you entire instagram feed. It's the "wanna hang out texts?" that turn into road trips with your best friends spent singing and laughing at the top of your lungs. It's knowing you can never walk anywhere on campus without seeing a smile from a familiar face. It's the girl you spot wearing a Pi Phi shirt in your 500 person lecture hall that overwhelming first week of class that becomes your daily lunch date. It's looking back 9 months later realizing that all your best memories involve Pi Phi and wondering how you ever lived without these people. I may have joined Pi Phi for the name but I choose to stay everyday for the people. "

Madeline Rapaport, PC Fall '18